Chase Keller/Southbridge Police Department

At 7:30 on Monday evening, October 15th, Southbridge Police were dispatched to 115 High Street for an argument between neighbors involving a firearm.

As police began to investigate, they found 2 males with visible bruising on their faces and one of the men bleeding from his eye socket.  The 2 men claimed they were assaulted by another tenant from the building.

Police say, while speaking to one of the men, a Kel-Tech rifle that was being concealed inside of a blanket was recovered inside the apartment on the couch.  Officers determined 20 year old Chase Keller of Spencer was attempting to hide the rifle from officers.  Police also found live rounds of .22 caliber ammunition and fireworks.

While police were interviewing other witnesses, they were told Keller had other firearms hidden inside his vehicle that was parked nearby.  There, police found two .22 caliber rounds of ammunition in the cup holder, a loaded 12 gauge Mossberg shotgun with a collapsible stock, five 12 gauge rounds of ammunition, an unsecured bolt action Springfield .22 caliber long rifle, an unsecured Iver Johnson .22 caliber revolver containing eight cartridges of expended ammunition and two large capacity feeding devices compatible with the Kel-Tech rifle.

Southbridge Police say that Keller possessed a valid firearms identification card but did not possess a class A license to carry firearms.  Police say Keller admitted the vehicle belonged to him but denied knowing there was a pistol in his vehicle and claimed the firearm could have been left there by people that have used his car in the past.

Keller was charged with carrying a loaded firearm without a license, being in possession of a large capacity feeding device, the improper storage of a firearm and with the unlawful possession of fireworks, and was held pending his release on bail and/or his arraignment in Dudley District Court on Tuesday October 16th.