Charlton Police: “Security Cameras Ruin Everything”


Charlton Police (Facebook)

Is it just us, or does it seem there are a lot more shoplifting occurences in recent weeks here in the local area.  Charlton Police on Facebook posted, “Today’s episode of Security Cameras Ruin Everything brings us to the Central Mass Town of Charlton.”

Charlton?  The post continued, “Yes, that’s right. We too have the occasional individual who still believes, like a 4 year old, that he can magically turn invisible.”

The guy in the photo above “was so close to legitimately purchasing the goods in his basket, but at the last minute decided it was in his best interest to steal” according to Charlton Police.

If you know this person, or if you are this person and what to turn yourself in, please contact the Charlton Police Department at (508) 248-2250, and ask for Officer Bedard or Detective White.

Here is video from the CVS security camera:

Shoplifter from CVS

Part of today's shoplifting pictures. Sorry, I can't seem to be able to post it with the pictures below.

Posted by Charlton Police Department on Thursday, February 8, 2018