Do You Remember The May 9, 1977 Snow Storm?


Mark Rosenthal Video

If you were around this area in the 1970s, you remember The Blizzard of ’78, but do you remember the snowstorm on this day one year earlier?

Yes it is possible to snow this late into Spring, although it isn’t likely.  Meteorologist Mark Rosenthal shares this story and a few pictures from the storm 41 years ago.  He says, “a closed off area of low pressure gave us a lot of snow in the suburbs.”  About 6 or 7 inches fell in the Webster area on May 9, 1977.  Some sections of Worcester county saw as much as 20 inches.  The higher elevations saw the highest accumulations.

Most people had already changed their “snow tires” back to their Spring and Summer tires and never in their wildest dreams would think of wet heavy snow blanketing the area in the second week of May.  Little did they know what they were in for the next February.

Power was lost across most of New England as well, leaving about 500,000 people in the dark.  But before you start getting worried, this was an unprecedented storm, probably one that will only be seen once in any of our lifetimes.  There are no other May storms that show any type of accumulation anywhere near as much as the 1977 storm in all of years of record keeping.

Take a trip down memory lane with the video below:


A look back at the May 9th 1977 SnowstormPlus a look ahead on…

Posted by Mark Rosenthal on Tuesday, May 8, 2018