Have You Seen Justin Ramos?


Justin Ramos

Please keep an eye out for this missing person.  Friends and family of Justin Ramos have not heard from him or seen him since Sunday night.

His last known whereabouts was on Valley Hill Drive in Worcester on January 7th.  According to friends, he left with a group of people and left his cell phone at home.  This is unusual for Justin to leave home for several days without being in contact with friends or family.

Worcester Police have been notified and his mother asks that if you see him to please call her at (508) 847-9229.  Justin is in his late 20s and is most likely off his medication for the past few days.  It is possible that if you see him he may be confused.

Here is another photo of him from his Facebook page without a hat on, which may make it easier to recognize him.  Please feel free to share this article and hope for a safe return as soon as possible.