Sturbridge Police Remind Drivers Of Open Container Law


Sturbridge Police Department

Most people know that it is against the law to drive with an open container of alcohol in their vehicle, but The Sturbridge Police Department wants to remind you that it is also unlawful to possess an open container of marijuana in your vehicle as well.  On Friday morning one unlucky motorist found that out the hard way after getting pulled over for going 41 MPH in a 30 MPH zone, failing to have a valid inspection sticker and the additional $500 fine for not knowing the law.

For alcohol, an “open container” consists of a bottle, can or other receptacle used to contain a liquid that has been opened or has a broken seal or the contents of which have been partially removed or consumed.”  A resealed bottle will not be considered open if it is not be transported in the passenger area.

For marijuana, an “open container” consists of a package containing marijuana or marijuana products from which the contents have been partially removed or consumed.

The “passenger area” is any part of an automobile designed to seat the driver and passengers while the motor vehicle is in operation and any area that is readily accessible to the driver or passenger while in a seated position.

If you find the need to transport alcohol or marijuana it is advised to lock it in your glove compartment or put it in your trunk or it could cost you up to $500.


The Sturbridge Police Department would like to remind the monitoring public that it is unlawful to posses an open…

Posted by Sturbridge Police Department on Friday, February 23, 2018