West Nile Virus Found In Webster, Mosquito Spraying Begins Tonight


The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has recently identified one positive mosquito sample from the area of Sutton Road in Webster.  The Town of Webster has coordinated with Central Massachusetts Mosquito Control to spray the area of concern to try to lessen the threat of the virus.

The spraying will begin after sunset on August 2nd on the following streets: Birchwood Drive, Camile Road, Chestnut Drive, Cudworth Road, Henry Joseph Drive, Kate Lane, Kingsbury Road, Minebrook Road, Nicholas Circle, Oakwood Drive, Pinewood Drive, Ronnie Drive and Sutton Road.  The map can be found below.

Residents are asked to close street facing windows and keep pets inside between sunset and midnight.  Accidental exposures are not expectations to cause any significant concerns. No precautions are needed the day after the application, all residues will have evaporated.

While West Nile Virus can infect people of all ages, people over the age of 50 are at higher risk for severe disease. Most people infected with it will have no symptoms. When present, West Nile Virus symptoms tend to include fever and flu-like illness.

More information, including all West Nile Virus and EEE positive results, can be accessed here, or by calling the DPH Epidemiology Program at (617) 983-6800 or the Webster Board of Health at (508) 949-3800 ext. 4002.