443 Grams Of Crack Cocaine & $40,000 Seized From Webster Family


Webster Police Department

Just before 6AM on Saturday, June 16th Detectives and Officers from the Webster Police Department in association with the Central Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council SWAT team, executed a search warrant for narcotics on the second floor of 12 Emil Street.

While police were conducting that search warrant, a resident of the home, 48 year old Joseph Vancelette Sr. was at the police station inquiring about his son, 21 year old Joseph Vancelette Jr, who had been arrested for intimidation of a witness, disturbing the peace, and disorderly conduct earlier that night.

On June 14th a home invasion was reported at the address, which resulted in a round being fired in through the floor and subsequently landed in the first floor kitchen. There were no injuries and Webster Police Detectives are still investigating that incident.

As police were conducting the search warrant at Emil Street, Vancelette Sr. was placed under arrest and began to fight with officers in the interview room.  He assaulted officers and police were forced to use a Taser to place him into custody.

Vancelette had driven to the station, and as such his vehicle was towed. Upon its inventory, 443 grams of crack cocaine was found inside, along with $41,000 cash.  Police estimate the value of the crack to be worth close to $15,000.

Vancelette Sr. was charged with trafficking in cocaine 200 grams or more, 2 counts of assault and battery on a police officer, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and other charges.

At 12 Emil Street, Joseph Vancelette Jr. was charged with possession of a Class B substance, which is believed to be cocaine.

Also arrested, 18 year old James Vancelette was found with a pound of marijuana, $1000 cash and charged with possession of a Class D substance with the intent to distribute.

James Vancelette was released on $140 on bail, Joseph Vancelette Jr was released on $40 bail and Joseph Vancelette Sr was held on $10,040.

All three will be arraigned at the Dudley District Court on Monday June 18th.

Won’t these mugshots look nice in the Vancelette family albums, courtesy of Webster Police Department.

Joseph Vancelette Sr

James Vancelette

Joseph Vancelette Jr