Ask The Town Administrator: Submit Your Questions To Doug Willardson

Webster Town Administrator Doug Willardson with Tamara Beland

Have you wondered what the plan is for the section of Webster that was devastated by the tornado last month?  What is the latest on the water treatment plant?  Do you have any questions about Webster's Economic Development Committee?

THE LAKE 940, Webster's Local Radio Station is turning the airwaves over to you.  Get your questions answered by the man in charge.  Webster Town Administrator Doug Willardson will be coming to the radio station once a month to answer any questions you have about our community.

Tamara Beland, host of Get Your Local On will be starting a new segment called "Ask The T.A." that will air on AM 940 in the near future, and be posted right here on

Tamara will ask the tough questions and promises to get the raw answers!  Our debut episode of "Ask The T.A." is planned for September 18th, the day after Webster's next Board of Selectmen meeting.

We will bring you the most up to date answers to all of your questions.  We invite you to get involved and get the answers.

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