Auburn Police Nail Tool Bandits


Auburn Police Department

On Monday, June 25th loss prevention employees of the Home Depot store on Washington Street in Auburn called police as they were watching 2 men who had been accused of stealing power tools from the store in the past.

One of the males was choosing tools and batteries and was handing them to the other male, who was reportedly stuffing them into a black bag he was wearing.

The males then ran from the store and got into a vehicle that was waiting for them directly in front of the store driven by a female accomplice.

Loss Prevention officers were able to get the license plate of the vehicle and a description and Auburn Police stopped as it was about to enter Route 290.

Stolen tools were recovered from the vehicle with a value of nearly $1,500.

Arrested were 44 year old Carlos Toledo of Springfield, 38 year old Casey Queenan of Fitchburg and 28 year old Kayla Ptak of Baldwinville.  

All three will be in Worcester District Court for arraignment on Tuesday.


Today at approximately 11:25 am, Loss Prevention employees of the Home Depot store on Washington Street contacted APD…

Posted by Auburn MA Police Department on Monday, June 25, 2018