Charlton Police Offer Inmate Rewards Card


Charlton Police 

If you get arrested in Charlton you soon may be able to get rewarded for it.

On April 1st, the Charlton Police Department announced, they “are one of the first to participate in the Massachusetts Department of Corrections Inmate Rewards System,” chosen for representing a typical small town Police Department in Massachusetts.

The press release says this new program is designed to “lessen the harsh impact that confinement has on prisoners.”

The announcement continued, “Much like a loyalty card offered by airlines or your local supermarket, people who are held in custody at a Police Station, House of Correction, or State Prison, will have the opportunity to earn incentive points which they can redeem for upgrades, discounts, prizes, or special customer treatment.”

As a frequent customer, some earned benefits include discounts at the prison canteen, free cigarettes, 2% cash back on bail and even a Docket Hopper that permits the accused to jump the line at court and have their cases called first.

If you’ve read this far into it, you must be thinking to yourself, this can’t be real, can it?  Well, read on:

“Clients incarcerated for more than six months may upgrade to a private cell, have a day at the spa, be entitled to a night-on-the-town pass, or even transfer their points to a relatives for such rewards as VIP or valet parking on visiting day.”

This new Inmate Rewards Card will be issued to each new arrestee upon their booking, while those currently locked up will be given their cards over the next two weeks.

If you are still in doubt, this should help give it away.  Anyone wishing to donate by purchasing points for specific customers, may do so by contacting April at the Department of Corrections at 277-453-6657 (x5659).

You have to hand it to them.  There are some very clever people who work at the Charlton Police Department.  Yes, today is April Fool’s Day, and no – we don’t think that phone number works, but it does spell out APRIL-FOOLS.
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