GET YOUR LOCAL ON: Connor Brennan – Bartlett Class Of 2018


Connor Brennan with Tamara Beland

Connor Brennan, Webster resident and Bartlett High School class of 2018 graduate, is a very busy and smart young man.

We first met him back in May when he moderated a debate between the Webster Board of Selectmen candidates.  Not only was he active in many groups in high school, including President of the local DECA chapter, part of the award winning choir “Impressions,” and even sports – playing on the football and golf teams, and serving as captain of the Bartlett track team.  Outside of the classroom Connor is involved at The Worcester County Sheriff’s office and the Senate Youth Advisory Council.

During the interview he chats with Tamara Beland about why it is important to get involved with local town politics, the grand opening of the new Webster Library, the great education he received at Bartlett High School, and plans to give back to our community.

He will be studying economics at Georgetown University this fall.  When he returns to Webster after college, Connor might give politics a try.  Remember the name, Connor Brennan, he may someday be our Congressman or Senator.

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