Grafton Teen Who Died By Suicide Remembered on CBS Sunday Morning


Alexandra Valoras/Family Photo (CBS News)

It was March 19th 2018, Alexandra Valoras passed away unexpectedly.  At the time, all that was known was that she was found on the side of the road along the Massachusetts Turnpike.  After an investigation it was determined she jumped off of the bridge to end her own life.

Alexandra was a 17 year old straight-A engineering student scheduled to graduate from Blackstone Valley Regional Technical High School this summer.  Weeks earlier, her school’s robotics team had won a regional award.

One year later, her parents Dean and Alysia were featured on the popular CBS Sunday Morning program.  They shared many details of their daughter’s private diaries, in which the student felt that she was “hopeless,” “worthless,” “lazy,” and “unmotivated.”

In addition to taking part in suicide prevention walks and lectures, Alexandra’s parents hope in sharing her story, another family may be spared from the sadness left behind of a suicide.

Some of her friends were also interviewed.  Molly Turner told CBS News she feels haunted.  “I think we all carry a little guilt, because we all thought we knew her so well.  And it’s like, how did I not see that?”

In the interview, Alexandra’s mother told CBS news, “Knowing that families are talking to their kids about their mental health, it lets me know that she didn’t die in vain.  She’s having such a huge impact. And that feels really good.”

If you are in crisis, you are urged to call the National Suicide Prevention line at (800) 273-8255 or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting the word TALK to 741741.  More information can also be found at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention here.

The entire CBS News interview may be watched below.