Ice Safety For Massachusetts Lakes And Ponds


MA Environmental Police (Facebook)

With the colder temperatures hitting the area, the Massachusetts Environmental Police have issued a warning encouraging outdoor enthusiasts to use extreme caution when engaging in activities on or around cold waters and ice.

Fluctuating temperatures and flowing waters degrade ice conditions.  When venturing onto ice, it should always be considered as potentially dangerous.

It is also important to know that newly frozen ice is actually stronger than old ice.  For example, 4 inches of clear, newly formed ice may support one person on foot, while a foot or more of old, partially thawed ice may not.

The Massachusetts Environmental Police wants to remind everyone that on state owned properties a minimum ice thickness of 5 inches is required for recreation vehicle operation upon authorized frozen waterways.

Also, local cities and towns may place different restrictions as allowing motorized vehicles on frozen waterways.  When in doubt, it is best to check with local authorities.

For more information about ice safety, click here – and view the graph above provided by MEP.