Important Message From Webster’s Animal Control Officer


Michelle Lafleche

There have been recent bear sightings in Dudley and Sturbridge, and now reports of at least one fox in Webster.  Michelle Lafleche is the Animal Control Officer in Webster, and wants to help make the public aware of how to properly interact with wildlife creatures.

Michelle says Animal Control has been dealing with several calls in the last few months with people expressing concern for the wildlife’s well being and others who are fearful and do not want the animals on their property.

“The truth is wildlife is becoming more intertwined in our everyday lives.”

Because of construction and destruction of the natural habitat it has forced creatures to adapt to living in close proximity to humans.  Lafleche says, “Wild animals do not go around with the intentions of going after humans unless provoked.”

She urges residents of Webster and nearby towns to respect wildlife, and educate children to learn about it as well.  “It is our responsibility to protect our livestock and other pets from becoming prey” and to prevent dogs from harassing wildlife.

“Take the time and educate yourself and your children about the wild animals that may be encountered in your backyards.”

The fox in the photo above was checked out by the Animal Control Officer and has been observed acting normally and looking healthy.  It was also mentioned that if you provide food for the animals they will most likely keep coming back for more.  

The full message is below, with more photos of the fox.


Obviously, our jobs involve dealing with an abundance of wildlife calls especially in the spring and summer months. …

Posted by Michelle Ann Lafleche on Thursday, June 7, 2018