In Webster Schools, ‘Kindness Matters’


Webster Public Schools

Exactly one month after the Parkland, Florida school shootings, schools across the country have been planning student “walk outs” or protests during classes.

That was not exactly the case in Webster.  Superintendent Ruthann Goguen tells THE LAKE 940, “All students and staff (have received) wrist bands that read: “In Webster, Kindness Matters!”

Each school in town has come up with their own ideas to help spread kindness throughout the community.  Earlier today, after their 2 hour delay from the storm, Bartlett High School students organized a peaceful vigil where they signed a banner stating, “We honor the memory of the 17 students and staff who lost their lives in the recent tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, as well as the victims and families of similar tragedies across our nation.”

Bartlett students pledge to support and respect all races, ethnicities, and human differences.  “We stand together, united in our collective vigilance and support of each other to keep our schools and community safe for all” the banner concluded.

Students at Webster Middle School, which had its own security scare last Friday, met in advisory and brainstormed ways to make the world a more peaceful place, while Park Avenue Elementary students began performing random acts of kindness to others.

Superintendent Goguen tells us, “We believe by promoting kindness and teaching the value of saying something when something is not right, we are taking proactive steps to creating a safer culture within our schools and community.

Webster Public Schools