Indian Ranch Expansion Could Include New Housing


Are luxury condominiums in the future for the property near Indian Ranch?  If owner Chris Robert has his way, the answer is yes.

The plan would require a special permit from the town zoning board, but there have already been some local residents who seem to be opposed to it for one reason or another.

The Lake 940 has learned Mr. Robert has a lot of great things planned for the property at 200 Gore Road.  In addition to the music venue that has been there for over 70 years, Indian Ranch is also home to an RV resort and campground, banquet facility, Indian Princess dinner cruise and a new restaurant is in the works, that should be opening this summer.  The Robert family is also working on a new Samuel Slater Museum at the former National Guard Armory on Ray Street.


Currently the land is zoned lake residential for single-family residences, so the board will have to be convinced that the proposed new residences will be appropriate for the area.

If the condominiums are not approved, single family homes or apartments could be built on the land without changing any town bylaws.  Do you think townhouses would be a good addition to the neighborhood?  Let us know on Facebook.