Lisa Kontoes

THE LAKE 940 AUDIO: Lisa Kontoes, candidate for the Town of Webster Board of Selectmen, sat down with Mike Roberts to tell residents who she is, what her goals are for Webster in the next 3 years and why she thinks you should vote for her on Monday, May 6th.

Listen to the interview:


Lisa Kontoes


34 Stephen Drive, Webster

Family:  Husband: Married 23 years to Greg Kontoes
Children: Sophia (20) attending Worcester State & Samuel (16) attending Bartlett High School
Parents: Emile and Madeleine (Choiniere) Plasse (deceased)
Parents In-law: Robert and Regina Kontoes
Siblings: Sharon Troy (Dudley), Deb Korch (Sturbridge), Lenny Korch (Northbridge), Sandra Plasse (Dudley) and Chris Plasse (Florida)

Years in town: 44.  Grew up in a three-decker on Elm Street

Education:  Bartlett High School 1986,  Northeastern University 1992, BS Business Administration

Occupation:  Data Integrity Director, MAPFRE Insurance  22 Years at MAPFRE/Commerce

Municipal experience:  School Committee 1998

Civic involvement:

Webster Youth Soccer 13 years in a variety of coaching and board roles
President for 3 years (2016 to present)

Bartlett High School Hall of Fame 8 years
Chairman for 4 years (2015 to present)

Volunteer Sports Photographer
Bartlett Sports 2013 – Present (predominately basketball)

St. Anne’s Basketball 2008 – 2014

St Anne School
Cheerleading Coach 2008 – 2010
Parent’s Board (SASA) 2003 – 2005
Advancement Board 2011 – 2013
South County Pop Warner 1994 – 1996
Cheerleading Director/Coach

Participated in the merger of Dudley-Charlton Indians and Webster
Pop Warner
Webster Pop Warner Cheerleading Coach 1993 – 1994

Fun fact about yourself:
I challenged myself last year by entering a physique competition in celebration of my 50th birthday and my fitness journey.

Favorite thing about Webster:
The sense of community developed through the friendships I have formed throughout my life.

Why did you decide to run for this position?
I have always had an interest in participating in government. During college, I was a Page at the State House and was on the School Committee in the late 90s. As I child, I witnessed my father being actively involved in community events and town government which instilled a desire in me to give back the way he did. I have spent the last 20 years focused on my family and volunteering in activities associated with my children.  Now that my children have grown up, I want to expand my civic participation into town government.

What issues facing the Board do you feel you can contribute most to?
I believe I can contribute in many aspects. I understand the importance of being proactive with short- and long-range strategic planning. I feel it is important to:  strengthen infrastructure, deliver quality and reliable services, be economically responsible with revenue protection/generation and
expense management, protect natural resources, Developing an effective strategic plan will require the engagement of government, community organizations, business leaders and citizens. Recruiting long-term residents and newcomers into the dialogue will help balance the benefits of wisdom
with fresh perspective.

Keys to Webster’s progress will be in goal setting, accountability, collaboration, communication and transparency. There is no silver bullet and transformation can only happen by considering our local conditions and capitalizing on our strengths and assets. I will learn from and build upon the existing work of the Town Administrator, Town Committees and the Selectmen.  My pursuit for Selectman is based upon these principles and desire to do what is right for the Town of Webster and its residents.

What experience do you bring to the table that can be most beneficial?
In my professional career of 30 years, I have developed skills suitable to be a Selectman. I want to promote Webster’s future using my experience in project management, negotiations, budgeting, communication and critical thinking to achieve results. I believe in appreciating our past, focusing on today and planning together for a great future.

Why should Webster vote for you on May 6th?
I am an independent thinker who will bring a different mindset and energy to the Board of Selectman. My career, volunteer activities and personal endeavors prove I am inquisitive, energetic, passionate, and reliable in all of my commitments. I believe these characteristics combined with my professional experience will benefit town residents. My candidacy represents change, and if residents want a different perspective, then I offer a choice.

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