Night Prowler Caught On Video In Thompson


Jeannie Korona-Treveloni‎

Caught in the act! A man is seen on security footage walking up a driveway and trying to get into unlocked vehicles in North Grosvenordale.

THE LAKE 940 spoke with Jeannie Korona-Treveloni who caught the prowler with her surveillance cameras on Vandall Street.  She told us, “My dogs have been barking in middle of night on and off since last week.  When I get up I can hear a car running. If you look in video there are lights at end of street.”  She thinks it could be headlights from a waiting car.

This video was recorded at 1:48AM, and you can clearly see a man walk from one car to another in the driveway, then walking away when the doors are locked.

“He left walking on Faucher Street towards my neighbors cars.” Jeannie told us.  She called the police, but they claimed the lab that processes fingerprints is backed up and would not even have the time to run them for this kind of case.  They did however look at the video and did not recognize the suspect.

Jeannie Korona-Treveloni told us that she feels it is a safe neighborhood, however last year her house was also broken into during the day by someone walking into homes.

If you live in the Thompson area near Superior Bakery and the baseball fields be on the lookout in the middle of the night, and keep your doors locked at all times.

Take a look at the video and see if you can recognize this man.

1:48 AM on June 20th in North Grosvenordale surveillance camera picked this up …. watch full video

Posted by Jeannie Korona-Treveloni on Wednesday, June 20, 2018