Southbridge Police Re-Arrest Man Out On Bail For Drug Charges


Paul Cucuta/Southbridge Police

Southbridge Police have announced the re-arrest of a well-known narcotics distributor this week.

On Monday, November 26th, 35 year old Paul Cucuta, who is also known as “Murda,” was arrested by detectives.  He had previously been released on bail for a December 2017 arrest.

During this investigation, Cucuta was observed conducting a possible drug sale in the parking lot of a local business.  Shortly after the transaction, police recovered approximately $5,000 from another man, suspected to be the proceeds from the drug transaction they believed had just occurred.

As police continued the investigation, detectives acted on an arrest warrant that was issued from Dudley District Court for the distribution of narcotics.  Detectives attempted to stop a motor vehicle Cucuta was seen operating. Police say the suspect quickly sped up and was seen discarding a large amount of narcotics from the vehicle as he attempted to flee from police.

After a brief chase at high speeds, Cucuta was successfully pulled over on Route 169 in Charlton where police recovered a knotted plastic bag containing approximately 12 grams of a hard white substance suspected to be crack cocaine that was packaged for distribution.  A narcotics detecting K-9 from the Massachusetts State Police assisted in searching the section of roads where Cucuta had driven through.

As a result of the search, a large plastic bag containing more than 100 grams of a white powdery substance believed to be cocaine was also recovered.

Cucuta was charged with trafficking over 100 grams of cocaine and held on $20,000 cash bail pending his arraignment in Dudley District Court on November 27th.