Surprise For Retiring Southbridge Police Officer Goes Viral


Southbridge Police Department

Every day the hard working men and women of local police departments around the country are risking their lives to protect and serve, but this final radio call of a Southbridge Patrolman has gone viral.

Perhaps you’ve seen the video on the national ABC News, or CBS News, or maybe one of the millions who have viewed it on Facebook, but we couldn’t help but share it in case you missed it.

Right in our own backyard, Southbridge Officer Duane Ledoux has retired after 31 years on the police force.

Ledoux had just called in his final “code 5,” which is the department’s way of wrapping up a scene.  It is also the tradition to make a final code 5 for a retiring officer.

Southbridge Chief Shane Woodson came on the radio and made it official.  “It’s with great pleasure to announce as of 11:16 hours on this date, after more than 31 years of service to the town of Southbridge, Officer Duane R. Ledoux, badge number 1041 is retiring.”

Officer Ledox took a moment to reply with a thank you to his family and everyone he had served with.  He also mentioned his boys, Nick and Nate.  Nick, his mother and grandmother passed away in a car accident 15 years ago.  Nate survived the crash and is now a photographer in Seattle.  He made a special trip to Southbridge to take part in his dad’s final code 5.

A moment later another voice came over the radio, at first Ledoux did not recognize who it was.  It was Nate.  “It’s my sincere pleasure to announce that as of 11:17 hours on this day, after 32 and a half years of service, my father, Southbridge Police Officer Duane Ledoux is retiring and has given his final code 5.”  His announcement continued, “so that he may spend the rest of his life discovering new craft beer, exploring this country and most important of all chasing glory.  ”

Ledoux told CBS News, “I realized when Nathan said, ‘chasing glory’ and then, ‘Dad,’ it gave it away, more or less.  I had a feeling, but I just didn’t expect him, and what he said, and how well he said it, which was just phenomenal.”

He also told CBS News that when he pulled into the police yard he didn’t think he could get out of the cruiser fast enough to give Nate a hug.

Congratulations Officer Ledoux, from all of us at THE LAKE 940.

Police Officer Gets Surprise From Son During His Final Radio Call

An amazing moment…

Posted by Dearly on Wednesday, August 8, 2018