Webster Police K-9 Helps Track Down Burglary Suspect In Dudley


Carpenter/Dudley Police

During an overnight patrol of town on Thursday, April 11th, Dudley Police spotted a 2013 Mercedes parked on Laura Way near the Southbridge town line.

After checking details on the license plate, the car was determined to be reported stolen from Charlton.   The officer found the vehicle to still be warm, suggesting it may have been recently abandoned.

Webster Police K9 Bandit was brought to the scene to assist with the search.  A short time later 44 year old Joseph Carpenter of Worcester was found hiding in a tree house behind a home on Laura Way.

Police say Carpenter had a number of items in his possession that were reported stolen from around the area.  He was taken into custody, charged with receiving stolen property, disturbing the peace and trespassing.

The case remains under investigation as potential victims are being located.  Police say Carpenter also an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

Carpenter will appear in Dudley District Court this morning.