Webster Students In Paris Are Safe After Visiting Notre Dame Cathedral


@peterjcushing / Twitter

Students studying abroad from Bartlett High School are all confirmed safe this afternoon after flames broke out at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France.

Webster Superintendent of Schools Ruthann Goguen tells THE LAKE 940, “I spoke with our chaperone Mrs. Melinda Doherty and she confirmed everyone is safe.”

Superintendent Goguen says that the students did visit the church earlier this morning and were on a river cruise at the time the fire broke out.

The group left the city of Paris and all students contacted their parents to let them know they were safe.  Goguen said, “I am pleased to report our chaperone and students handled this crisis situation very well and they are all safe.”

Hundreds of firefighters have been battling flames for several hours.  The cathedral which dates back to the 1200s may be a total loss.

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