Where’s Einstein?


Webster Lake Association Einstein Cam

Have you seen Einstein?  We have been getting calls and e-mails about the Webster Lake Association’s Ice Out contest.  It appears Einstein has fallen through the ice and has been removed.  We haven’t heard about a winner of the contest yet, but it appears he fell through the ice before the closing of the deadline on February 19th.

The Webster Lake Association told The Lake 940, “Einstein fell through late yesterday afternoon. The contest will now be a raffle. I will forward the winners when they are determined. Thank you all for participating!”

The original contest was the person who guessed closest to the actual time Einstein falls through the ice would win $2,000, with smaller prizes for 2nd through 5th places.  Last years winning time was February 25th at 1:28 pm.  

Once the raffle is drawn we will make the announcement and let you know who the winners are!   Good luck!