Worcester Program for Addiction Recovery Launches


District Attorney Joseph Early (Facebook)

District Attorney Joseph Early’s office has announced The Worcester Program for Addiction Recovery will officially launch on December 19th.  After months of intensive training, volunteer advocates will work in the community to bridge the gap between police and individuals in need of help and drug treatment.  On Facebook, D.A. Early said, “I was honored to address this group of remarkable volunteers who will be working with Worcester Police Department on the front lines of the opioid epidemic.”

Eight volunteers participated in a six week training program to prepare them for the work.  The volunteers have been trained and will beginning their outreach work tomorrow.  The Worcester Program for Addiction Recovery (WPAR) is a community-based program developed to help, support, and engage individuals who would benefit from addiction treatment.  Their goal is to end the isolation of individuals facing addiction and connect with them on a personal level, while introducing them to the amazing recovery community and resources in the Worcester area.  WPAR offers guidance in all pathways to recovery. These include, but are not limited to: medication assisted treatment (MAT), recovery support groups, counseling, and family outreach and support.

WPAR Advocate Volunteers can help guide individuals and families to informational resources, clinical resources, and community support.

For more information you can e-mail worcesterpar@worcesterma.gov or call (508) 453-6730.