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Leicester Police Receive Play-Doh From Hasbro After Viral Story

In case you missed it, last week Leicester Police successfully tracked down a robbery suspect with his fingerprint left in Play-Doh at the scene.  The story was shared around the world, and today Leicester Police say “Thank You Hasbro (the maker of Play-Doh)” On May 9th, Leicester Police received a package from Hasbro filled with…

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It’s A Match! Fingerprint In Play-Doh Identifies Suspect

In March, Leicester Police shared they were trying to track down a robbery suspect with a fingerprint left behind in a piece of Play-Doh at a crime scene, now that man has been arrested. Leicester Police say the suspect “is currently residing at the Worcester County House of Correction and is wanted in at least two…

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Police Using Play-Doh To Track Down Shoplifting Suspect

  The Leicester Police Detectives are using Play-Doh to try to track down a recent shoplifter.  The thief thought by covering a security device with the clay product it would not cause the alarm to go off when leaving a local store.   The crook was wrong.  When the alert sounded the suspect fled the scene,…

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Man Walks Away From Leicester Rollover

Leicester Police have alerted us to yet another crash on Monday night.  The driver of the vehicle shown above was able to walk away from this crash without injuries.  This accident happened in front of 359 Pleasant Street just after 8PM.

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Slippery Roads Blamed For Morning Crashes

Leicester Police responded to a call for a motor vehicle that slid off Chapel Street at 7:45 on Monday morning.  It was a close call for the driver the 2007 Ford Fusion first struck a tree and then went nose first over an embankment stopping just inches away from going underwater in a nearby pond. …

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Auburn Man Arrested For Leicester Break-Ins

A 25 year old Auburn man was arrested by Leicester Police on Wednesday in connection with a string of car break-ins that occurred in Leicester over the past several days.  Police executed a search warrant last night in connection with the investigation and is currently evaluating the evidence seized during that search warrant. Chief Jim Hurley…

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