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Southbridge Police Re-Arrest Man Out On Bail For Drug Charges

Southbridge Police have announced the re-arrest of a well-known narcotics distributor this week. On Monday, November 26th, 35 year old Paul Cucuta, who is also known as “Murda,” was arrested by detectives.  He had previously been released on bail for a December 2017 arrest. During this investigation, Cucuta was observed conducting a possible drug sale…

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Southbridge Police Arrest 3 On Drug Charges

On Tuesday March 20th, Detectives from the Southbridge Police Department were conducting surveillance of a home after receiving tips about crack cocaine being sold inside. At approximately 7:30PM police observed 2 suspected distributors of narcotics leave the home on Glenwood Avenue and drive to a local business complex.  While the pair waited in the parking…

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