3 More Years For Randy Becker On Webster Board Of Selectmen


Selectman Randy Becker and his wife Donna

The people of Webster have spoken.  It’s 3 more years on the Board of Selectmen for Randy Becker.  In one of the more talked about races in town it was a case of kindness over the need for change.

The official tally was 862 votes for Randy Becker and 145 votes for Greg Walkowiak.  A majority of voters we spoke to feel Webster is headed in the right direction under current Town Administrator Doug Willardson and the rest of the Board of Selectmen.

In an short interview, just seconds after the results were announced, Mr. Becker told our Tamara Beland, that he is “feeling really good right now and glad it’s over.”  He promises to give us a few more words tomorrow.

Donna Becker, Randy’s wife tells THE LAKE 940, she is excited for the town because Randy “has a good heart and does what’s best for Webster.”  Randy has already publicly stated this would be his final time running for the seat.

On Facebook, Greg Walkowiak posted that he wanted to “thank all of you who supported me in this election.”  He promises to “still fight for those who are not heard and have had injustices dealt upon them.”

This race saw some tension on social media but in the end, the town chose incumbent Randy Becker for another term by almost 6 times as many votes as his opponent.  This was a much lower voter turnout than when Mr. Becker ran in 2015.

Many of the rest of the positions on the ballot went unfilled or opposed.  There was one seat on the school committee, 2 seats on the Finance Committee and one seat on the Redevelopment Authority.

These seats were filled by writing in the name of a candidate.

School Committee:
Sheila Blyth  75
Other: 43

Finance Committee
Niko Adamopous 135
Mat Fitton:  60
Other: 54

Redevelopment Authority
James Chauvin:  9
Other:  10

There were also 5 charter questions that passed, they are as follows:

Question 1 – Recommendation of the Charter Review Committee: YES  748   NO 166

Question 2 – Change the offices of Town Treasurer and Town Collector from elected to appointed: YES 596  NO 338

Question 3 – Decrease the number of members on the Finance Committee from 15 to 9: YES 834   NO 143

Question 4 – Increase the size of the Board of Health from 3 to 5 members: YES 717  NO 263

Question 5 – Replace the Water and Sewer Advisory Board with a newly created five member Water and Sewer Commission appointed by the Board of Selectmen: YES 797  NO 176

The results were broadcast live on Facebook from the Webster Senior Center by THE LAKE 940’s Tamara Beland.