Bay Path Secure Following Threat Made During School


Bay Path RVT (Facebook)

Extra security, including a Charlton Police officer, was in place at Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School on Wednesday after a student was overheard making a comment that involved possibly shooting up the school.

The remark was allegedly made in a hallway on Tuesday afternoon.  Concerned students who overheard it reported it to authorities at the school, and the police later got involved.

As word spread across campus, and throughout the 10 towns that Bay Path serves, parents began calling the school for more information.  Later in the day on Tuesday, a robo-call was placed to parents informing them of the threat.

The unidentified male student will not be allowed back to school until the matter has been settled, most likely through a juvenile court.  No charges have been filed yet, and the investigation is ongoing.  After the recent Florida school shooting, police remind you that joking about bringing weapons to school is no laughing matter and criminal charges will almost always follow.

The school is safe and secure and there is no need for students or patients to worry.