Dudley Highway Worker Fired After Assaulting Co-Worker



THE LAKE 940 has learned a Dudley Highway Department employee is out of a job after being charged with assaulting a co-worker.

Daniel Gion Jr. of Webster was arraigned last week in Dudley District Court on a single count of assault and battery relating to an incident that happened earlier this year.  Court records show he was released on personal recognizance and is expected back in court on April 4th.

The arrest was in connection to an incident in the took place inside the breakroom of the highway department in January.  The police report shows Gion slapped a fellow employee during an argument.

Gion became argumentative while police were investigating and told officers he had been in an altercation.

The incident was witnessed Gion’s father, and supervisor, Highway Department Superintendent Daniel Gion Sr. who told police that it was done as a joke.

This isn’t the first time you are hearing about the Gion Family.  You may remember the Mr. Gion Sr. was forced to complete sensitivity training after a rant was posted on social media last August.  At that time was suspended for a week without pay according to news reports.

After an investigation, Town Administrator Greg Balukonis fired Gion Jr. one week after the incident citing misconduct in the workplace.