Heavy Rain On The Way, Are Your Storm Drains Clear?


Town Of Webster (Facebook)

After a few weeks of sub-zero temperatures, there are several inches of rain in the forecast this weekend for the Webster area.  That, along with unseasonably warm temperatures will melt any snow that is left around your property.  This will lead to a very high flow through the town’s storm water system and the potential for localized flooding.

The Webster Highway Department has been busy preparing for the storm and expected runoff by clearing storm drains as much as they possibly can between now and the time the rain begins.  They posted on Facebook today, “We appreciate your patience as there may be puddling on roadways. There are some things you can do to help.”   Those things included if you notice a storm drain that is in need of clearing, and you are able to clear it yourself, please do that.  If you are unable to clear it yourself, you may call the highway department at (508) 949-3865 and ask if they can help if it is during normal business hours.

Property owners should also take the necessary precautions to minimize their risks, such as clearing rain gutters and down spouts in case of overflow.  If your basement is prone to flooding, you may want to remove items off of the floor or try to block the water from entering if possible.

Remember, THE LAKE 940 is your local AccuWeather station for the Webster area.  Your local forecast is on AM 940 twice every hour, and online anytime at Lake940.com.