GET YOUR LOCAL ON: David Hurton, Webster School Committee


David Hurton, Chairman of Webster School Committee with Tamara Beland

On this week’s episode of Get Your Local On, David Hurton the Chairman of the Webster School Committee chats with Tamara Beland about why he is excited to get another school year underway in Webster, and what changes may be in store for the students of Park Avenue Elementary, Webster Middle School and Bartlett High School.

David tells THE LAKE 940 school should be “more than just classrooms and learning.”  Did you know that Webster is one of the only school departments in the area to not charge fees for extra-curricular activities?  From sports to band and show choir, he hopes that all Webster students are able to grow into well-rounded young adults when they pick up their diplomas at the end of high school.

Webster School Committee members are elected by the voters of Webster and serve 3 year terms.




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