Webster Board of Selectmen Candidate Profile: GREG WALKOWIAK


THE LAKE 940 AUDIO: Greg Walkowiak, candidate for the Town of Webster Board of Selectmen, sat down with Mike Roberts to tell residents who he is, what his goals are for Webster in the next 3 years and why he thinks you should vote for him on May 7th.

Listen to the interview:



Name: Greg Walkowiak

Age: 53

Address: 78 Second Island Road

Family: N/A

Years in town: 47 years

Education: Bartlett High Graduate (Class of 1982); Associates Degree – Business Administration, Cape Cod Community College (Class of 2011); BA – Communications, Worcester State University (Class of 2015)

Occupation: Interviews, photographs and reviews for New England Concert Reviews – Volunteer part time

Municipal experience: N/A

Civic involvement:
Donations to homeless shelters for clothing and can goods donations. I pick trash up around my community almost daily. I am involved with my area neighborhood in a variety of ways.

Fun fact about yourself:
I love radio and interviewed close to 500 professional musicians and photographed roughly the same.

Favorite thing about Webster:
When they use to have the picnics at the local clubs.

Why did you decide to run for this position?
I am not at all enthusiastic with how the Town has been run for the past three years or so.

What issues facing the Board do you feel you can contribute most to?
Problem Solving

What experience do you bring to the table that can be most beneficial?
My extremely strong background in manufacturing, my determination to find the source of any issue or problem, My understanding of the hard working, blue collar worker and how some struggle just make ends meet.

Why should Webster vote for you on May 7th?
I will work hard for the resident and taxpayer. I want to work for the average regular working person, their families, retirees and veterans.

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