Last Chance To Play Webster Lake’s Ice Out Contest


Webster Lake Association EinsteinCam

It’s your last chance to play!  Temperatures are rising, will Einstein fall through the ice this week?  The chances are pretty good!

Monday is your last chance to purchase tickets for The Webster Lake Association’s 11th annual Ice-Out contest.  As we previously reported, Einstein was placed in Lakeview Marine Cove on Saturday, January 20th with 40 pound weight attached. When the ice melts enough for the weight to drop into the water, an timer will be activated.  The winners will be determined by the closest ticket to the exact month, date, hour and minute he went through the ice.  Tickets are $5.00 each.

First place prize is $2,000, 2nd place prize is $1,000, 3rd place prize is $500 and 4th and 5th place prize is $250 each. In the unlikely event of a tie, the prize will be divided equally. Last years winning time was February 25th at 1:28 pm. 

Tickets must be purchased and received no later than midnight on February 192018.  Submit your last minute guesses now before time runs out!