No Credible Threat At Southbridge High School


Southbridge High School

Southbridge Police have put out an alert after being contacted about a social media post that has gone viral.  There is a post from “Ray Andres” being circulated indicating that he intends to bring a gun to school and do harm. The school mentioned is “SHS.”

Police say it appears the post originated in another state and has been circulating throughout several states throughout the country.  There is no indication the post was specifically referring to schools in Southbridge, or Southbridge High School.

The police say they have investigated the post and there does not appear to be any credible threat to Southbridge Middle or High School.  In a post on Facebook on Thursday afternoon, “The Southbridge School Department and the Southbridge Police Department continue to work together to ensure the safety of our children and we take each threat to safety and security seriously and investigate thoroughly.”

Police ask that you “continue to encourage your children to report these types of incidents.”  There will be an increased police presence at the schools when students return back from school vacation on Monday to ensure that all children feel safe.