North Brookfield Police Warn Of Scam Calls


North Brookfield Police (Facebook)

Between robo-calls and other scams that are out there, it is almost a chore to answer the phone.  North Brookfield Police are warning that scams are now masking their calls with local numbers, even those numbers used by police.

Several residents of North Brookfield have complained about getting calls from (508) 867-1170, which is a number that goes to North Brookfield’s central dispatch.  The caller relays information about the person who they called have won a trip.

On Facebook, the police say, “Just to be clear, we’re pretty benevolent, but we are not giving away trips, nor are we warning people of arrest warrants that need to be paid in cash to anywhere other than the courthouse.”

If you get a call that you are not sure about, feel free to call the police in your town and they will try to help you.  It is better to be sure, and if you are in doubt you can always hang up – or better yet don’t answer a call if you don’t know who is calling you.