Water Main Rehabilitation Begins In Webster On Monday


Town of Webster

The town of Webster Water Department has announced they will begin rehabilitating the water main located under Myrtle Avenue beginning on Monday, March 25th.

The main, which was installed in 1908 between Park Street and First Street, will be taken off-line while it is mechanically cleaned and re-lined with a cured-in-place structural liner.  The water department says this liner will add approximately 60 years of life to the main.

Once the liner is tested and cleaned, the water main and existing water services will be put back into service.  The rehabilitation project is expected to take about 3 months to complete.

In an effort to continue to provide water to the homes affected by this project, the town of Webster will be installing a temporary bypass water system which will consist of 4-inch water mains placed along the edge of the street with temporary fire hydrants, and 1-inch service lines running to each house.

The Webster Water Department staff will be assisting the town’s contractor with the service switch over once the temporary system has been constructed, disinfected and tested.
In the next few weeks, the water department will be contacting residents so they may access your home to shut off the water service at the meter and make sure the temporary service is operating correctly.More information regarding the water main rehabilitation project can be found here.

A video explanation of the process is shown below.