Webster Drug Dealer Arrested In Worcester


Worcester Police (Facebook)

A member of the Worcester Police Vice Squad received a tip that a female was selling heroin in the Main South area of the city.  The officer was provided a cell phone number that belonged to the dealer.  The female suspect was later identified as 36 year old Maritza Colon of 16 Lake Street in Webster.

The undercover officer called the drug dealer to arrange a purchase of heroin just after 9AM. An agreement was made to meet and the officer was directed to make the purchase on Chandler Street in Worcester.

Police set up surveillance in near Chandler and Irving Streets.  Once the officer was in the area a call was made by Colon and the officer met at the BP Gas Station located at 30 Chandler Street.

Worcester Police say the dealer reached into her mouth and showed the officer two $20 dollar baggies worth of crack cocaine.  The officer handed her $40.  She took the cash and handed over the drugs.

Vice officers placed Ms. Colon under arrest and charged her with possession of class B substance with intent to distribute and distribution of class B Substance.

Police say the drugs and cash will be turned in as evidence.