Webster Town Hall/

Polls closed at 8 PM on Monday, and the people of Webster have spoken.  Approximately 1400 residents turned out to elect Earl Gabor and Lisa Kontoes to the 2 open seats on the Webster Board of Selectmen.

In this race, it was incumbents Mark Dowgiewicz and Bob Miller against newcomers Earl Gabor and Lisa Kontoes.

The official tally was 994 votes for Kontoes, 658 votes for Gabor, followed by 509 for Miller and 393 for Dowgiewicz.

A majority of voters we spoke to feel Webster is headed in the right direction under current Town Administrator Doug Willardson, however many were looking for new faces to bring fresh ideas to the board, believing the incumbents had served long enough at almost 20 years each.

In an interview minutes after being elected, Earl Gabor told THE LAKE 940, “I’d like to just thank the voters for coming out today. It was a very good voter turnout and I’m just thrilled the voters have decided that change is something that would benefit Webster.  New blood, new energy.”

Lisa Kontoes told our Doc Siddall, “I am completely overwhelmed by the support of the residents of the town of Webster, and I hope that I can contribute in a way that is meaningful and positive and to move the town forward.”

Gabor and Kontoes will each begin serving 3-year terms.  Last year voters re-elected Randy Becker to serve for 3 more years.  Next year, in 2020 Selectmen Don Bourque and Andrew Jolda will be up for re-election.

Other races on the ballot this time around included Webster Town Moderator.  In that race, it was Ted Avlas beating Tom Ralph 870 votes to 492.  Seats for the Housing Authority, Library Trustees, School Committee and Finance Committee were also decided.

THE LAKE 940’s Doc Siddall spoke with Ted Avlas minutes after he was elected:  “it was a gratifying win and I’m really looking forward to serving the community as Town Moderator.”  Avlas is hoping to “incorporate some new ideas” to make the town move “a lot more smoothly and efficiently.”