James Kelly/Webster Police

A 911 call was placed just after 11PM on Wednesday, October 3rd reporting a person had been stabbed in the chest and stomach at an address on Windy Ridge Road in Webster.

Police arrived to find a female, hysterical in the street, and a male victim outside covered in blood.

Police say the male and female were in bed together when the suspect, 39 year old James Kelly of Webster entered the basement for what he thought was a prearranged meeting with the female to watch television.  When he went upstairs and found them, Kelly assaulted the female and then stabbed the male and fled the residence.

He was later arrested without incident and processed at the Webster Police Department and charged with assault and battery, armed assault, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault to maim and malicious destruction of property.

He was held without bail at the Webster Police Department and arraigned on October 4th at Dudley District Court. He is being held until October 9th without bail, at which time he will appear at Dudley District Court.