Webster Police Conduct School Lockdown Drills


Webster Middle School

On Monday, March 26th, The Webster Police Department conducted lockdown drills in cooperation with the staff at Park Avenue Elementary School, Webster Middle School and Bartlett High School.

There “were no major issues and the interruption to the school day was minimal” according to a police spokesperson.  The issues that were encountered during the drill were reported to be technology based and would not have compromised the safety of students.

Webster Police have been proactive in their approach by drafting security protocols, instructing the staff and faculty and even performing live exercises, “Webster has been at the forefront in this area, and we continuously seek to find ways to improve to keep our children and staff safe.”

Webster Fire Chief Brian Hickey and Superintendent Ruthann Goguen were also on hand to oversee the drill.

Webster Police also thanked parents for understanding that in the world today, these drills are unfortunately necessary.  “Thank you for trusting us with your children and know that we place the highest value on their safety while they are away from you.”

This drill took place less than a week after a drug sweep was conducted at Webster Middle School and Bartlett High School on March 20th.  At that time, Superintendent Goguen told THE LAKE 940, “The Webster middle and high school administrators worked collaboratively with the Webster Police Department today and they conducted a sweep with trained canines.  This activity is one part of our safety drills and I am pleased to share no evidence of drugs were found.  The Webster Public Schools are grateful to the Webster Police Department for their ongoing efforts in working with us to ensure safety in our schools.”

Webster’s Deputy Chief Mike Shaw tells THE LAKE 940, The two activities were not related and the fact that they took place so close was a coincidence.  “Every year we do a sweep of the Webster Middle and High Schools for narcotics using canines from various agencies. It is not a ‘lockdown’ like we practiced yesterday, but more of hold in place where the kids are held in their classrooms and their bags are checked after being placed in the hallway.”