Whitinsville Man Accused Of Burying Dog Alive


Richard Piquard (Northbridge Police Department) – Chico / Kaylee Belanger (Facebook)

Northbridge Police have charged 24 year old Richard Piquard of Whitinsville with animal cruelty, after he was accused of burying his ex-girlfriend’s dog alive.

He was placed under arrest on Sunday, September 9th.  Kaylee Belanger, the woman who found the 18 year old shih tzu named Chico, called police and brought the dog to Tufts Animal Hospital in Grafton.

It is estimated that the dog had been under dirt and rocks for approximately four hours.

Belanger posted on Facebook that it appeared the dog had been neglected for quite a while before being buried alive.  “Chico was evaluated to be malnourished, dehydrated, in shock with hypothermia as well as anemia due to the infection of fleas on him. He had matted and stained fur.”

Unfortunately, Chico had to be euthanized.  Piquard was released on $1,000 cash bail and is expected to be arraigned in Uxbridge District Court on Tuesday.

THE LAKE 940 would like to take this time to remind our listeners and readers that if for any reason you must abandon a dog, there is a local not for profit, no-kill shelter located right on Route 16 in Douglas.  Dog Orphans Inc. has many years of successfully finding new forever homes to dogs of all ages.  Please consider contacting them if you are in need of finding a new home for your dog, or if you are looking to adopt.

Please note some of the photos, videos and description below may be graphic in nature.  Viewer discretion is advised.

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Posted by Kaylee Belanger on Sunday, September 9, 2018