Lovebird Escapes Dudley Home, Still Missing


Jillie Bean (Facebook)

Residents of Dudley & Webster, be on the lookout for a cute little lovebird named Otis.  Her owner Jill tells us that she flew out of her door yesterday afternoon in the area of 3rd Avenue in Dudley and has not returned home since.

The owner says she did speak to someone who saw the bird yesterday afternoon eating from a bird feeder, but several attempts to bring her back home have been unsuccessful.   Jill pleads with you, “if you see Otis, please know she is very social.  If you call out her name or say pretty bird she will respond” and may even fly over to you.

It is likely the bird is very tired and scared since it is an indoor pet.  If you are able to spot Otis, or she happens to come to you, please call Jill at (774) 402-9472.

More photos and a video below:

Posted by Jillie Bean on Thursday, January 11, 2018