Crews Work To Repair Water Main Break In Webster


Miranda LaFountain

THE LAKE 940 has learned that some residents of Webster woke up to no water on Sunday, May 6th.

Water Superintendent Greg Woods tells us a water main break at 25 Myrtle Avenue occurred around 7AM.  As of noontime “we have it exposed but it will likely take another hour or two to make the repair & get water moving again.”

When Miranda LaFountain started her day she had no water at her Park Street home.  She told us she saw large trucks and water crews digging up the road on Myrtle Avenue.  “They were doing similar work on Friday a little further up the street and I had no water then as well.”  We also heard from a few other residents on Elm Street with no water today.

As we have previously reported, many of the water pipes in town are close to 100 years old, and plans are underway to re-line or replace them in the coming year at the cost of $1 million per mile.  A 14% rate increase will be seen on your next water bill.

Monica Baldyga