Dudley Police Arrest Couple After Armed Robbery, Kidnapping


Jessie Thibodeau & Nichole Murphy (Dudley Police)

A man and woman from Dudley are facing kidnapping and robbery charges after being accused of threatening a woman at gunpoint and forcing her to drive them around Dudley and Webster for an hour on Tuesday evening.

Dudley Police say 44-year-old Jessie Thibodeau and 31-year-old Nichole Murphy approached the victim in her car in the parking lot of the Dollar General on West Main Street and asked if they could smoke inside of her car to get out of the cold because they were homeless.

The woman allowed them into her car, where Thibodeau told her he had a gun and held it to the back of her head.

She dropped them off at The Wash Tub Laundromat on Oxford Avenue in Dudley upon their instruction and reported the theft of her license, cell phone and $20 to Webster Police.

While police were reviewing surveillance video of the area, a second person reported that a man and a woman approached her vehicle at the Dollar General store parking lot shortly before they got into the victim’s car.

Officers in the area of the laundromat noticed fresh footprints in the snow that went to a home located at 2 Green Street in Dudley, but nobody answered the door.

Dudley Police returned with a search warrant and successfully arrested Thibodeau and Murphy at around 1 AM.

The pair was arraigned today in Dudley District Court on armed robbery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, kidnapping and larceny and held without bail.  Thibodeau was also arrested on an outstanding warrant.