Police Searching For Christopher Medina After Chase Through Webster


MAY 8 UPDATE: The suspect turned himself in to police yesterday, we have reached out to Upton Police for more information but have not heard back yet.

Upton Police Department

It was a busy afternoon on Tuesday, May 1 in the newsroom as we were getting reports of a slow speed “chase” throughout Webster, but we were unable to get any additional information other than what was being heard on police scanners.  The pursuit had begun at higher speeds on Route 395 in Connecticut.

Original reports had 30 year old Christopher Medina from Grafton driving at a high rate of speed northbound on Route 395, getting off of Exit 1 and then driving slowly through Webster.  Police in Webster began following Medina, but then he made his way back on to Route 395 North and reportedly began driving over 100 miles per hour in the breakdown lane towards Auburn and then to Worcester.

Due to the high rates of speed on the highway police did not continue to chase him.  Once Medina made it to Worcester he left his car behind and got into another as Worcester Police continued to look for him by pinging his cell phone in the area of Southbridge Street.  After searching for several hours he was unable to be located.

Fast forward a few days, the Upton Police Department put out an active arrest warrant for Christopher Medina.  At this time it is unclear what police were originally trying to pull him over for, but it is believed he is known to police with a lengthy criminal record.

If you have information as to his whereabouts you are asked to contact them at (508) 529-3200.