Town Of Oxford Announces New Address Indicator Program


Oxford Fire-EMS

Beginning today, the town of Oxford has launched the Oxford Fire and Emergency Services “Address Indicator” program as part of their Community Risk Reduction program.
The Address Indicator program provides a highly visible, reflective street number sign to households in the community.

“I am excited to announce the launch of this new program to assist first responders in locating you and your loved ones’ homes in the event of an emergency,” said Fire Chief Laurent McDonald. “This program is used in communities throughout the country to support public safety efforts and I am pleased to be able to offer it to Oxford as I did in my previous community of Monson.”

Through this program, residents can request a 6” x 18” aluminum sign which indicates the street number with 3-inch reflective numbers. Self-mounted signs can be purchased for $12.00 and fully assembled signs on a 4’ foot post can be purchased for $16.00.  A member of the Oxford Fire-EMS Department will install the sign at a location indicated by the homeowner.

“The Community Risk Reduction initiative is an all-hazards approach to reducing the overall risk in a community,” said Town Manager Jennifer M. Callahan. “This new program is just one tool in the toolbox to keep our citizens and their property safe from the devastating effects of fire and other emergency situations. I am pleased with the effort put forth by Chief McDonald, Deputy Chief Sellers, and the men and women of the Oxford Fire and Emergency Services to bring this program to fruition.”

For more information on the program or to place an order, please contact Oxford Fire Headquarters at (508) 987-6012 option 1.

Town Manager Callahan concluded, “I encourage our residents to order theirs today, I already purchased mine.”