Webster Dudley Business Alliance Advertising Workshop


Deb Horan/WDBA

On Wednesday, April 18th in the Webster Police Department’s Community Room, local businesses got together for an Advertising workshop hosted by the Webster Dudley Business Alliance.

Three presenters gave insights as to how to get the most bang for your buck when advertising locally.  The average person sees or hears thousands of ads per day, whether they know it or not.  From TV, to the internet and even waiting on hold.  The main theme of the night was discussing what works, how should you spend your money wisely, how to gauge your return on investment, and how to stand out from the crowd.

Representatives from print, radio and digital provided solutions and ideas for every budget.

The speakers included Barbara Van Reed, publisher of the Yankee Xpress and Blackstone Valley Xpress on the importance of print media as being a trusted source throughout the years, giving an example of even Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg using The New York Times and other large newspapers to issue his recent apology.

Ken Spitzer from THE LAKE 940 spoke about the importance of attracting local buyers with the power of a radio commercial from a station that does not have a huge signal like the ones that cover 75 miles like the ones in Worcester or Boston.  If you are advertising on a station that covers as far away as New Hampshire, your advertising dollars are being wasted on someone who is not going to drive over an hour to save a few dollars on a pair of shoes.

The final presenter of the evening was Darek Chojnacki, owner of Business Runway in Webster.  He provided insight as to online and digital marketing, plus a video that walks you through Facebook advertising which can be found here.

THE LAKE 940 would like to thank the local businesses who came out to the presentation, including Joe Bugan and Susan Vanderhoof of New England Home Cabinetry, Tim Cromwell of AF Graphics, Jack Hurst of The Rite Package Company, ERA Key Realty Services agent Tineke Brinks, and Joe Waskiewicz from JV Mechanical.

We also thank Deb Horan, owner of Booklovers’ Gourmet and President of The Webster Dudley Business Alliance, for inviting us to take part in the workshop.  We look forward to being more active with The WDBA in the near future.  Our sales and creative team is looking forward to helping you achieve your goals if radio advertising is right for your business.

Radio advertising is more affordable than you think.  If you would like more information please call (508) 943-9400 or contact us here.